House Rule #1: Backstory Perk

I’m granting everyone a free expertise skill at a rank appropriate for your backstory. So build your hero to PL 8 with 120pp, then add on an appropriate rank of expertise skill (cleared by me). Since skills are more expensive in 3e and everyone should have an Expertise skill, this will free up some PP from a skill that may or may not occur in our adventures.

Use this as the guideline for appropriate ranks:
Basic: 5-8
Professional: 9-12
Expert: 13-16
Mastery: 17-19

House Rule #2: Area Precision power feat

Since I find it a little excessive that the smallest burst affect you can have is a 30ft (distance rank 0) radius – i.e. 13sq x 13sq area, here is a custom power feat inspired by the Progressive application to Area attacks from 2e.

Area Precision: Each application allows you to, optionally, reduce the size of your area by 1 rank on the distance table. So with 1 application of this feat, you can have the area radius 30ft or 15ft. A second application will allow for a 30ft, 15ft, or 6ft radius.

A table for easy use:
1 application: 15ft radius – 3 squares
2 applications: 6ft radius – 2 squares (this game seems to round up)
3 applications: 3ft radius – 1 square


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