General Information

>> We will be using 3ed edition rules <<

Power Level: 8 (120pp)

World Setting – Present timeline with paranormals

Identical to our timeline with the exception of the birth of paranormals beginning in the 1950s. As such, there has been no alien encounters, no time-traveling conquerers, no trans-dimensional expeditions, etc. The only difference is the integration of paranormals into society and the establishment of the status-quo over the years since their discovery. More details here.

Locale – Freedom City

Most of the adventure will be based in the geographical region of Freedom City, so please have your hero be a resident here. My adventure will be homebrewed, so existing locales and factions may or may not be used or be repurposed for my needs. Your hero need not be born and raise here, but please attempt to have your hero’s current life situation settled in Freedom City. If not being a resident of Freedom City is a crucial character concept, I will allow it.

Style – Grayscale

Modern Age with heavy Iron Age influence. Comics like Watchmen, Batman, Daredevil, and the X-Men are prime examples. Moral dilemmas and not so black-and-white choices will be present in my setting. Smashing things won’t always be the answer. You will rely on your skills, talents and connections just as much as you reply on your powers.

Lethality – Writer immunity

Villains will attempt to kill, if it’s in their nature. However, as in the comics, a hero only dies if he gets written off. Likewise, your hero will only die if I write you off (which I won’t) or you wish to be written off. That is to say, even though a villain may be shooting to kill, he will not be able to kill unless I allow it (if that makes any sense).

However, this GM intervention will not protect those who take this for granted. Just don’t walk into a room full of thugs, equipped with automatic weapons that have orders to kill you on sight, and sit there with a bulls-eye literally painted on your chest and expect to walk out alive. Unless, of course, you can bounce bullets off your chest. Furthermore, if you choose the path of the anti-hero and have no qualms with killing villains like the Punisher, you also forfeit this GM intervention.

Character Concept Guidelines

3ed requires two complications in your build. They are categorized as Complications and Motivation. I ask you all to pick at least one Motivation and one Complication. However, in addition to these picks there are some mandatory Complications dependent on your backstory:

  • Identity/Secret: If you your your identity
  • Relationship: This is mandatory unless you are an orphan and a social loner
  • Responsibility: If you have a job, family, etc
  • Fame: If you are a public figure

Your complication pick cannot overlap with the ones you mandatorily receive.

Focus on human development

When you develop the origin of your powers in your backstory, also develop the “human” side of you as well; life outside of being a hero. Take Spiderman for example, in addition to fighting crime he has to juggle his part-time job at the Daily Bugle, the responsibility of caring for his Aunt May, and attending college. All the while trying to romance Mary Jane Watson. Stories and complications, which will lead to RP, will arise from the part of your origin that doesn’t concern your powers (for the most part). Spiderman’s power origin can be summed up in one sentence: He was bitten by a radioactive spider. However, what he was before it happened, what he did with his powers and what ultimately lead him to donning the mask and fighting crime is what makes his origin interesting. So just keep these things in mind when developing your character.

Choosing a Side

If you read my World Setting, you’ll know that there are two forces for good: Paradigms and Vigilantes. If in your backstory you have already used your powers to combat evil, you must decide what side you are on. If you have yet to do any crime fighting, you can decide throughout the course of the game. Each camp has its perks and drawbacks.

Under the authority of the law, you uphold justice and bring down evildoers everywhere to face the charges against them. If you choose this path, align yourself with a law enforcement agency: Police, Military, FBI, etc. This will grant you the benefits of having access to all the resources someone of your job description may have (a free pp to apply to the Benefit: Security Clearance Advantage). However, if you do choose the path a Paradigm, whatever agency you join will have full disclosure of all the information about you. Including, but not limited to: your full name, home address, complete details of your powers, close relatives, etc. Juicy information any Deviant would love to get their hands on for leverage. Furthermore, if you wish to apprehend criminals, you must follow legal action such as acquiring a search warrant, having probable cause, etc. However, any evidence gathered in this way or testimonies from you will be admissible in the court of law, something a Vigilante has no hope in doing.

Taking the law into your own hands, you uphold justice and strike fear into the hearts of evildoers everywhere – for you are not bound by the law. If you choose this path, you are considered a modern day superhero. As you mask your identity, no one knows who you are – neither the authorities nor the Deviants. Your identity is secret and safe, along with the well being of your loved ones. However, as you are a Vigilante, you are also breaking the law – just like the Deviants. Paradigms will attempt to apprehend you along side any Deviants they may encounter.

Power Creation

As of now there are no restrictions on power, so go crazy. However, all builds are subject to my approval.

When you create your powers, they all must have an Origin, Source, Medium, and Result descriptors. For example:

Origin: Mutant, Invented, Training/Natural, etc.
Source: Biological, Magical, Cosmic, Divine, Technological, Psionic, etc.
Medium: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Physical, Mental, etc.

Result is the most interesting one, it’s you telling me what happens when a power effect lands. Let’s say you have a power that immobilizes a bad guy. How exactly is he immobilized? Did you throw bolas at his legs? did you encase him in ice? did you put a fire cage around him? did you poison him with a paralyzing agent? did you cut off the mental synapses from his brain to his legs? Depending on the nature of the power, this doesn’t have to be set in stone.

Details starting on page 152 of the M&M 3ed Handbook

Closing Remarks

I should mention… be sure to hit PL caps on Toughness, Parry/Dodge, Attack, Effect (i.e. damage). The PL is a guideline for me to know what I can throw at you guys. So if you fall under the PL, you are not really at that PL and might get clobbered by my challenges.

Skill PL caps (which is 18 for us) are a different thing though, RP backstory should determine those. Use these guidelines to determine proper ranks in a skill:

Basic: 5-8
Professional: 9-12
Expert: 13-16
Mastery: 17-19

Alright! That’s it! Go out and make something cool and fun and interesting. But before you dive into the deep end of hero creation, send me a one-liner of what you have in mind. For example: College student gains superhuman abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider and decides to use his powers to fight crime after realizing with great power comes great responsibility. While most ideas will be acceptable, I just want to double check any radical origins that might not fit into this setting. Radical as in a time-traveling, dimension crossing cyborg from the future bent on eradicating all crime in the 21st century ^^;

Oh, and do NOT post your origins or your character sheets publicly on the forums, not even your character names. PM them to me instead. The lack of meta-game knowledge will lead to better RP at the table. However, you may post whatever relevant information that may be publicly accessible in-character, in-game. Like if you happen to be some big shot movie star or some CEO of a large company, you may describe all relevant information in a forum post. If you are unsure about what is public knoweldge, just ask yourself “Would Joe Smoe at the local pub know this about me?”. If the answer is no, then do NOT make a forum post.


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