Paradigm Shift

The day that changed everything

With the recent event of Freedom City having to rely on vigilantism to apprehend the 42 escaped deviants from Blackstone prison, a special division of law enforcement has been established. S.P.E.A.R., the Super Power Emergency Assault Response task force. Their purpose is to provide an emergency response to any paranormal threat. This task force was made possible with the refinement of Dr. Lang’s PGH+ serum. Rather than granting the imbiber random genetic mutations, it pushed their physical attributes to the limits of human capacity; a super-soldier serum so-to-speak. A chosen elite were selected for this experimental process to form the S.P.E.A.R. task force. The task force is led by former 5-star General Mac Hurley, a genius tactician who has since retired from the sidelines of war.

But let us return our focus to the heroes of this story. It was just another day in Freedom City, but on this particular day, an up and coming Bonnie and Clyde decided to ascertain the PGH+ serum from an Astro Labs facility. Spot, a deviant that can create locational wormholes and portals to another dimension and Alyson Banks, a Deviant who launches super heated plasmoids from her hands. Luckily as the two begin their raid on the labs, our city sanctioned hero Eclipse was near the scene. Eclipse engaged the two Deviants, buying enough time for backup to arrive. The combined might of Eclipse, X-Factor, Agent Doe and Vandal was enough to bring the two to justice, but not before the Deviant known as spot was able to stow away several vials of the PGH+ Serum away in his unknown dimension.

With the two Deviants apprehended, S.P.E.A.R. squads arrive to clean up the area and transport the Deviants to Blackstone Prison. As they are escorted, X-Factor and Agent Doe follow the transport car to ensure everything is carried out. However, en-route to the prison, our two Deviants manage to overwhelm the S.P.E.A.R. members in the transport car, breaking free from their restrains and disabling the transport vehicle. As the two attempt to flee, X-Factor and Agent Doe engage. In response, Spot pulls the PGH+ serum from his extra-dimension and hands it to Alyson which she immediately drinks. She threatens to blow up the surrounding area if they weren’t let free to walk away. X-Factor radios in for backup on the situation, but as he does, Predator, who is overhearing all police frequencies, hears this call and rushes to the scene. To make matters worse, the standoff between our heroes and the Deviants are right in front of a School… and class just let out.

X-factor attempts to get control of the school to avoid any casualties if a fight breaks out while Agent Doe tries to apprehend the Deviants. Before long, Eclipse and Predator swoop into the scene to provide aid. With Predator focusing his attention on Alyson, deeming her the most dangerous, she begins to experience some intense abdominal pain. It seems the PGH+ serum she drank is having some unforeseen side-effects. Eventually, she keels over in pain and begins to glows a hot white. Taking this as his opportunity to put her down for the count, Predator deals the “killing” blow. But as he does, this pushes Alyson over the edge and she explodes…

As our heroes wake up in a daze, all they can see is destruction around them. The front side of the school is no longer there, looking as if a wreaking ball had completely demolished the school’s face. Bits of rubble are raining down and the sky is hazed with grey from all the smoke. Surrounding buildings and homes have been decimated and shrapnel from demolished cars can be scene thrust into the sides of those that managed to survive the blast. Alyson Banks lies unconscious in a crater from the result of her self-exploding. As our heroes regain their senses, sirens can be heard in the distance along moans of injured men, women, and children can be heard. Our heroes quickly take to action as they try to rescue everyone they can from this tragedy. Our heroes work well into the night and the next morning, along with entirety of the FCPD, FCFD and S.P.E.A.R. to mend this unfathomable descruction.

That afternoon, Mayor O’Conner holds a press conference. After the events that have transpired yesterday, Vigilantes are deemed just as much as a menace as Deviants. Ultimately blaming the Vigilante known as Predator for the destruction, it was because of his inexperience in handling a hostile situation that pushed Alyson Banks to self-exploding. Mayor O’Conner put the blood of the over 600 casualties on the hands of Predator, 60 among them children. As such, O’Conner has now set the S.P.E.A.R. prerogative to capturing Vigilantes equally along with Deviants.

With the public calling what transpired on that day as “The Event”, public sentiment towards Vigilantes plummeted. No longer were they viewed as the positive force against crime as they once were, many opinions now view them as much as a problem as Deviants. As such, civilians don’t “look the other way” when they see a Vigilante apprehending a criminal, they call the authorities.

While the majority of the public opinion blames Predator for what happened, there is a small opinion that puts the blame on the newly formed S.P.E.A.R. task force. They believe that it was due to their incompetence that The Event even happened. It was due to their incompetency that the two Deviants escaped in the first place which led to The Event happening. Predator was there just cleaning up their mess and the press is blackballing him along with the rest of the Vigilantes.

Even though it may seem like the world has turning on the Vigilantes, a handful of people still believe in them and in the ideal they uphold.



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